Sunday, October 31, 2004

Light Blogging Alert

It's off to the original Sin City this week. I'll be in New Orleans at an ubergeek conference for Macromedia. I may or may not blog, depending on how useless my brain is at the end of the day.

I voted early, so that's off my checklist. Irks me, though, that I'll have no one to endure Election Night with. The kids have trunk-or-treated at church already, and they'll get a bit more tonight with their cousins. Gotta let the Grandmas see the cuties in costume. The house is a disaster, but the kitchen is clean. Much easier to come home to a clean kitchen and messy house, than a messy kitchen. Period. In our house, as the kitchen goes, so goes the day.

I'm really not looking forward to this trip because I've reached that age (I actually reached this age when Mrs. Woody and I began to get serious about each other) where I don't like travelling without my lifeline. She makes travelling fun, because I have someone with me who appreciates the same things I do. For this trip, my travelling companion is a youngster from a whole different generation who probably looks forward to trying out some Bourbon St. hospitality while plugged in via cell phone to his girlfriend du jour. I'm wondering how many museums I'll have time or energy to check out.

The best part about this trip is the total lack of Mardi Gras at this time of year. At least I won't have to endure revelry.

Now if I could just do something about this separation anxiety.

UPDATE: Still have separation anxiety, but at least my travelling companion has proven to be an able navigator. This is good because this town (with apologies to Sobek) appears to have been designed entirely by drunken French fur trappers. It's one of those old, narrow-streeted cities that have lots of atmosphere, which is so dense I haven't had a full breath since stepping off the plane last night. Otherwise, we're in geek heaven here.

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