Monday, October 18, 2004

Answering Hewitt's Call

To answer Hugh Hewitt's call for reasons (in 250 words or less) why we should vote for Bush and not Kerry, I present a heavily edited version of a post I made last week (click here to read the original):

Like many others, I've been less than charmed with the idea that we have troops in Iraq... Unlike others, however, I support what the troops are doing and why they're doing it today... Looking into the future, our wars will have two prongs: Terrorism still commands the front page, but don't count the hard-line communist nations as down and out, either.

Unlike Kerry, I just don't see getting much support from Europe in shutting down these threats.

And, so, Bush is the man for the time. Domestically it was never even a close call. Kerry took care of that. Any man professing Catholic beliefs who isn't willing to fight for them will likely compromise other values to fit his political schema. Not a good mix.

Bush has already demonstrated to my satisfaction that he will stay the course against terrorists and other enemies of this nation and our freedoms. Kerry has demonstrated that he will act only if he thinks it will make him look good to the French and the Germans.

Bush still has shortcomings, to be sure. I am no fan of No Child Left Behind... Neither am I enchanted with this country's response to environmental problems, particularly global warming... I just don't see Bush taking the lead here. Still, I don't see Kerry as doing any better. The wastefulness of this country is just too entrenched for any one administration to make the needed corrections.

All that said, the balance still tips in favor of Bush. God protect him and us.

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