Friday, October 15, 2004

One Good Thing About Kerry!

Finally, it can be reported that we can say something nice about John Kerry! Really!

American Digest (a well crafted blog and highly recommended read) has posted Kerry's accomplishments in the Senate over his twenty year career, and I must say they are impressive. I, like countless others during this campaign, have wondered why Kerry always looks so tired. You know... old before his time. In my naivete I assumed it was all those manly outdoorsy activities that did it. I mean, one can only make lateral passes from between one's legs for just so many years before one begins to look like a used vacuum cleaner bag.

Gerard comes through, though, with a listing of all of Kerry's actual accomplishments as a Senator. I must say I sleep better at night knowing how hard Kerry is working for the good of his state and, ultimately, my country.

Read the post at the Digest. It's very instructive.

As I say, this speaks well of the good Senator. With an average of one bill every four years, and one resolution every five years (no wonder the man is exhausted!), that means that even if he served two terms as President, we would only be subjected to, what, two or three new laws of his own devising over eight years.

I could live with that.

(Hope I won't have to, though!)

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