Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Speaking of Geeks...

So here I am at the Macromedia MAX 2004 conference in beautiful (I mean that, even given my updated previous post) downtown New Orleans. I am surrounded by geeks. The remarkable thing is, they all look perfectly normal. Well, ok, maybe not that kid with the two-tone hair and nose rings. But most everyone else looks like the sort of people I'd expect to see at church, or Main Street.

The illusion ends once we open our mouths to speak. For instance, some fellow just asked me if there was a trick to hooking into the wireless net here, and I was able to answer him. Coherently. For a geek, that is. Worse yet, he understood me. I'm sure this violates several natural laws, which I'll look up some day when I have time.

Time, however, is not ever available in the geek world. Not only does time equal money (yes, I just heard that one in a presentation), but we're clearly wasting it by being here listening to the presenters, when they really want us out there right this minute, putting into practice what we just learned. Then come back for more, I guess. These people drink way too much caffiene. Or maybe they just seem fast to me because I quit drinking the stuff. Been on the wagon for a full year this month, if anyone cares.

Somehow, magically, I managed to program myself a three hour break for lunch. So I get to take a few minutes and visit my friends in the 'Sphere today. My thanks to all those fellow geeks who are more dedicated to the political process today so I can get my election updates. I do appreciate it.

Perhaps later I'll post about my daughter's first real Halloween. Yeah, I know she's seven, but trust me, it was her first. I'll explain later.

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