Saturday, October 30, 2004

Civil Discourse - Continued

Goodness. Yet another display of civil reasoned discourse related to politics. This time, a young man attending Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, was wearing a College Republicans sweat shirt that said "Work for us now... or work for us later." In an expression of disagreement, a part-time college instructor kicked him in the leg at a restaurant and said she should have kicked him higher and harder. Another educated opinion.

I'm guessing the instructor got herself a good talking to by campus administrators, because she quickly wrote a letter apologizing to the young man, followed by an apology from the college itself.

This is all well and good, but the young man is pressing charges. He will also file a formal complaint with the college.

I guess there have been a lot of negative ions in the air this year. Far more than any previous election of which I've been a part, and I'm a veteran of California's Proposition 22 battle of several years ago. For some reason, these ions have been far more attracted to liberals than conservatives this year. Take, for example, John O'Neill. How many times have we seen him interview on some show or other, staying calm and collected while hosts and abusive guests tear him limb from limb. Michelle Malkin, no stranger to hardball interviews, was subjected to a spittle-emitting Chris Matthews. Matthews, a devotee of the Jerry Springer "You Don't Have to Know What You're Talking About" interviewing technique, was quite pleased with himself after his embarrassing performance, and Keith "Just an Old Sports Hack Reporter" Olbermann was beside himself with glee on Matthews' behalf. Bill Maher considers patriotism to be cowardice.

The instructor, in her apology, attributed her behavior to a "knee-jerk" reaction. Well, that same "knee-jerk" attitude has been responsible for more vandalism, political terrorism, and threatened civil disobedience than this country has seen since the era of Civil Rights abuses in the South. It's as if we can expect another Watts riot to break out if Kerry, heaven willing, doesn't win on November 2. The ions are that heavy this year.

Maybe the conservatives are feeling them, too. Maybe that's why we refuse to listen to this man who would have us believe how honorable it was to come home and accuse other veterans of being, essentially, war criminals. Or that he'll be more than happy to destroy bin Laden, if only he can talk to him first.

It's gotta be those danged ions.

Can't be anything he's said.

UPDATE: Yep. She got a talking to. Follow this link for information related to Ms. Spero's "resignation."

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