Friday, October 01, 2004

Who Intimidates Who?

Found this one thanks to Allah: Eleanor Clift wants the big bad conservatives to stop "intimidating" the media.

Hm. I see...

Liberals can scream bloody murder about FoxNews and their obvious biases, but when we question whether someone in the employ of a news organization that is under investigation for questionable practices can reasonably and without bias mediate a presidential debate, that means we're "intimidating the media."

Well. I can certainly see where we've just intimidated the socks off the ol' Mainstreamers. Seemed to me that the vast majority of them just ignored us, the way they carried on. Never dreamed that we were such an intimidating force.

Ah! Power!

Makes me wanna rush right out and abuse it!

Maybe even run for President!

Need some good war stories, though. Maybe I can convince someone I was in Cambodia thirty-some years ago. Tell 'em it's been seared in my memory...

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