Friday, October 29, 2004

Harkin Speaks for Whom?

Drudge points to this tidbit from the Cedar Valley Daily in Iowa. Sen. Tom Harkin, campaigning for a local House candidate as well as John F. ThereIsNoGodButKennedy Kerry makes the extraordinary statement that Kerry's perceived rise in the polls is "what God wants."

Hm. Need to check my facts. Let's see: Paper boy; construction worker; bottling plant worker; pilot in the Navy and Naval Reserves; Congressional staffer; attorney; Congressman; Senator. Impressive resume, but no, nothing about being an ordained minister...

Oh, wait! He graduated from a Catholic law school! That must be it.

Well, I guess I'm just a tad skeptical. Last time I checked with one of God's reps, we were told to study the issues and make an informed choice. Wise and honest people we should seek. Oh, and need to protect the family unit while we're at it. I didn't see Kerry's name in there anywhere. Or any other candidate's name, for that matter. Granted this advice came four years ago, but neither did I see Bush's or Gore's name anywhere in that advice. I'm assuming He's not greasing the skids this year for Kerry, either.

No, any way you slice it, I suspect God has nothing to do with the polls. If anything, the polls only measure how much attention we as a people may be paying to God. Or not, as the case may be. If the polls are going up for JFK, I can only reason that people are paying less attention to more important matters.

Like their souls.

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