Wednesday, May 10, 2006

#266 - California Republicans Not Serious

The Republican Party of California seems to have a hard time taking state politics seriously lately. In fact, this malaise has lasted for, oh, about the last 20 years or so. The surest indicators of the Party's laissez-faire attitude are the candidates we keep running against the Liberal Twins in the United States Senate.

Field Poll:
If the election were held today, would you be more likely to vote for Dianne Feinstein or Dick Mountjoy?

Dianne Feinstein, or... I'm sorry, did you say "Dick Mountjoy?"


Actually, I was gratified to see this poll question in the Orange County Register today, because I had no idea we even had a Republican candidate for Senate in this election. Here I was assuming that Feinstein would win this one on a bye. Yet, no doubt about it, there is a Republican challenger ("challenger" is a rather generous term as it applies here) to Feinstein. He even has a web site. Bold as brass, this guy is. You can surf right over to "", get a randomly selected scripture, and find out all about our conservative answer to DiFi.

He even says some conservative-sounding stuff. Things like "we don't need new immigrations laws, we just need to enforce the ones we have." Okay, sounds about right. In fact, here's a trivia fact for you: Mountjoy was one of the sponsors of Proposition 187 a few years back that was so popular in about 15% of the state. Seems we slipped that one by the liberal voting bloc in that election, and they had to go to the trouble of having it shot down in Federal Court because they fell asleep during the campaign and the pesky voters (it's always something with them!) actually approved 187 which was supposed to deny benefits to illegals, but instead became something of a windfall for them as evidenced by their renewed insistence lately that, even though they're here illegally, they have, you know, rights and everything and are entitled to all the money we Americans have so they can send it back to their real home in Mexico. Or something like that. Whatever it did, we have Mountjoy to thank for it, apparently.

The problem is, until I read that poll in the newspaper (or, more accurately, on its web site), I never would have known that we even had a candidate for Senate, much less who he is. Or claims to be. I dunno... "Mountjoy" is kind of a suspicious sounding name, no? Isn't that a candy bar or something?

Anyway, once again we find ourselves facing a primary election without a serious challenge to the incumbent Demoliberal who wishes we conservatives would just quit going to church altogether so her job would become a lot easier and she could go ahead with her plans to officially change the wording of the Star Spangled Banner to read, "O, say, does that Star Spangled Banner have to wave o'er the land of the free? Or could we, you know, fly the Mexican flag instead? Don't they deserve it?"

Maybe the next time a seat becomes available, the Republicans will finally find a serious candidate for Senate.

Sure. And maybe Cindy Sheehan will remember that, like it or not, she's still an American.

Or not.

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