Tuesday, May 09, 2006

#265 - Immigration Is a Family Issue

ZeeDad (Woody's step-dad, actually) emailed his thoughts on the recent travesties of flying the American flag upside down, underneath the Mexican flag. It happened here in Southern California (natch!) on March 28 as a student protest over the proposed immigration legislation. Since he sent his thoughts to me and my brother, I can only assume he was looking for a bloggy response. He'll get one, regardless. I've cobbled together his two emails so the narrative will flow better:
Last March 28th, a gathering of students in the region of Whittier CA apparently decided that they should demonstrate their feelings about the Federal Immigration bill by leaving their classrooms and going to the flag pole of Montebello High School. There they proceeded to haul down the US flag, place it upside down and raise it again, flying under the Mexican national flag.

We've seen this blogged elsewhere. Michelle Malkin posted the one picture a few times, but it bears another look:
My reaction to it is fairly predictable. Had I been there, I would have become more violent than anyone who knows me would ever expect that I could. I served nearly ten years in uniform, and the experience leaves one with a rather forceful devotion to one's flag and country. This action, however childish and ill conceived it was, is insulting and infuriating to people like me, times ten.

I finally have to acknowledge that the silent majority has been silent far too long. If Hispanics believe they can make themselves heard by taking a day off across the nation, maybe we who disagree with them should also take a day off (the 15th of May should do nicely) and finally demonstrate what the majority view really is.

Beware the Ides of May??
And just to leave no doubt in anyone's mind, I would be glad to join a picket line in front of the local Hispanic Advocate's Center to make the point. I'm so steamed right now that nothing I propose would carry very much weight with those who can take a rational view of the situation, but I'll take a shot anyway.....

No "rights", benefits, protections, privileges or posessions should be guaranteed to any alien or sympathizer who cannot abide by our laws and provide taxpaying support to our government at each level. If citizenship is their objective, they should accept the obligations of that role or be expelled.

And yes, it will really help their cause if they can find a way to show their appreciation for freedom of speech by not abusing it with demonstrations like this. Speaking the language of the nation they seem so determined to belong to would help their cause, too. It should be a requirement for citizenship. Could I be a compliant, useful or supportive citizen of Japan without a knowledge of that language?....now that's really pushing the envelope.

When is crap like this finally going to irritate decent people enough to do something decisive? Good thing I don't own an assualt rifle....even grey panthers still have some teeth. [More than I do, I daresay. - Ed.]

Aside from the fact that my saintly step-dad used the "c" word (oh, the humanity!) I find his arguments have a familiar feel to them. Very similar, in fact, to sentiments that I've already expressed here and here.

It boggles the imagination that the current policies of this administration have put their constituents in a very awkward position. Come November, we have to vote. We can't vote for another President, so that's out of the question. But every single member of the House of Representatives will be fighting for his or her seat, and our own Governor must now take his case to the people. Problem is, we no longer have assurances that our representatives at any level of government are willing to take the stance required to resolve the immigration situation once and for all.

So far, we're having a hard time finding Republican politicians with the gumption to stand up to the President and insist that our concerns be addressed. Suddenly granting 12 million people some form - any form - of amnesty is ridiculous, especially as the vast (unreported by the MSM) majority of them seem to feel that to be labelled an "American" is somehow insulting. That's certainly the sentiment relayed to us by the upside down flags, or "Los Angeles, Mexico" billboards.

If the people who are determined to live and work here illegally really want to feel oppressed, let's make it illegal for them to send their money back to Mexico to support the Mexican drug cartels and fund the retirement accounts of countless coyotes. Let Vicente Fox deal with his own problems, for a change.

So, ZeeDad, more power to ya. Since I know you need your peace and quiet, I won't point you to this post by Michelle Malkin regarding reporting of Minuteman activities and whereabouts to corrupt Mexican officials. Wouldn't want you splitting a seam anywhere.

Give our love to Ma, please!

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