Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Random Post-Election Musings

1. Kerry conceded. Wonderful!

2. Pete Coors shows how a gentleman graciously accepts defeat. All except for that part about making beer being the best job in the world. Got a good laugh, though.

3. Eleven - make that one hundred percent - of the states with pro-traditional marriage (or, if you prefer, anti-gay marriage) amendments on the ballot came through and passed every one of them. God bless you all.

4. Thank goodness Kerry conceded.

5. I echo my brother: Subjecting oneself to (in my case) eight straight hours of election coverage, even with Fox News, is not a good thing. I'm having a dickens of a time focusing on this whaddayacallit, computer thingie.

6. Nothing stinks quite like being a Republican in a Democrat-ridden city (which, by the way, resides in a state that voted for Bush) away from your wife while it's raining cats and dogs outside and having to go to sleep after being stuck on "Bush - 269, Kerry - 207" for three solid hours. Except, maybe, malaria.

7. Of course, there's always waking up the next morning and hearing that the "official" count is now "Bush - 254, Kerry - 252" because no one has the beans to call Ohio and we begin to realize that we're quite possibly in for another thirty seven day Cirque du Solicitors in Ohio because Edwards made some cretin speech about making sure every vote counts and every vote will be counted. That stinks, too.

8. Then trying to navigate around a city that I now have documentary proof was designed by drunken fur trappers in the early 1700's. (Hey, if there were French fur trappers living in the bayou, you'd better believe they were drunk!) Not real crazy about that, either. Nor with the TWENTY-TWO FLIPPIN' DOLLARS A DAY VALET PARKING AT THE HOTEL. Not that I'm bitter.

9. Did I mention how happy I am that Kerry conceded? Better not look happy in public today, though. A few Huey Long holdovers may just introduce me to the bottom of the Mississippi. You wouldn't believe the lecture I got last night from a taxi driver in this town. If he sees me again he might just help with the introduction.

10. In another thirty six hours I will be joyfully reunited with spouse and offspring. I can't wait. Neither, thankfully, can they.

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