Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Commissar Declares 'Sphere DOA

The Commissar bemoans the loss of any real blog fodder now that victory has been acheived by nekulturny capitalists.

I find this a fascinating dichotomy. Is it possible that the blogosphere suffers from its own flexibility? Can it be true that we are, just as old media tries to protray us, nothing more than pajama-clad gossip-mongers?

The adjustments to the 'sphere that we will see over the next few months are, I think, only natural. Our favorite Commie notes that several political blogs are meandering now, having spent themselves on the 2004 election. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

On the other hand, some of us look to the future (beyond the next four years, even) and see plenty of memes to keep us busy.

Take, for example, the anti-religious tonality of the left. While the Commissar may still feel that religion is merely a capitalist lap-dog, those of us who prefer religion to the alternative are feeling some genuine concern. This country was founded on principles that were decidedly religious in nature, and the left-facing attitude toward religion means long fights ahead.

The protection of traditional marriage (also, not coincidentally, a religious theme) will once again be put to the test here in Californicate. A (surprise!) gay assemblyman has plans to introduce a challenge to the constitutional amendment implemented via Proposition 22 several years ago. He will, of course, be closely watched and the same resources that were marshalled to ensure Prop 22's success will again be brought to bear.

Names are already being floated to see who will headline the 2008 elections. Dare we ponder another Kerry candidacy? Can we stomach the possibility of one more Clintonista White House? Will McCain sit this one out? Will Nader attempt another spoil? Deaniacs taking over the DNC? I see troubling times ahead, and more fodder for the blogilantes.

Old media will not simply shrivel up and fade away. They still do not understand the real power of the blogosphere to engender public debate. The 'sphere is much more responsive to the participants' need for instantaneous feedback than old media ever will be. We will be continuing our close monitoring of the DNC party apparatchik and fisking whenever challenged to do so. Get used to it, fellas. You're on our nickel now. I don't care how many battles you've covered in your career. This is a new war, and you've become the enemy.

If Charming Charlie is worried about a lack of blogfodder in the near future, he needn't be. The world is still plenty messed up. We'll still have lots to talk about.

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