Tuesday, November 30, 2004

"But, that sounds like..."

I stopped being interested in Princess Diana not very long after her failed marriage to Prince Charles the Dysfunctional and she had made, what, her thirty-fifth cover of People magazine. Or was it Life? Oh, who cares?

I confess that I happen to be one of those souls who can't wait until enough of the Princess Di generation are either dead or senile so we won't have to hear anymore about her tragic life. Really. Enough is enough. The woman is dead. It doesn't really matter why or how or who. The Royals live at such an altitude that their veneer is titanium-tough.

That's why the latest revelations from Diana herself just don't do anything for me. Except...

It all sounded somehow familiar.

Diana said five years into their marriage she suspected Charles had gone back to Camilla. "I remember saying to my husband ... 'Why is this lady around?' And he said, 'Well, I refuse to be the only Prince of Wales who never had a mistress."'

Then it dawned on me.

Years ago, as I recall, there was a similar fascination in our own "royal" family, the Kennedys. Rumors had long been rampant of the famous Kennedy libido, and stories of Marilyn Monroe's trysts with the President had been pretty well documented. One piece I'd read (no idea where... too long ago now) showed that infidelity has long been the hallmark of the Kennedy men. A birthright, if you will. Such peccadillos were not only tolerated, but encouraged.

Hearing Diana's travails with her immoral Prince of Wales strikes me as precisely the same behavior I now associate with our own rulers of Camelot.

Want to know the bottom line for why I will never, ever, align myself with the Democratic party? No? Well, because this is my blog, I'm gonna tell you anyway. Even a cursory examination of the Democratic platform for the last several decades shows a pattern of law for convenience. No one, according to party doctrine, should ever have to accept responsibility for any immoral behavior. Period. Come with us, they say, and we will empower you. We will give you everything you want. Need money? We'll tax someone and give it to you. Want an abortion? We'll get tax money for that, too. Tired of hearing about God or his commandments? No problem. We'll remove him from the country, just as soon as we give enough tax money to the ACLU.

On voting day, commentators seemed astonished that so many people made "values" their hot-button that steered their decisions. I, on the other hand, was not the least bit surprised. The country's moral compass has been getting weaker and weaker for many, many years now.

It's about time we pointed it closer to True North again.

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