Saturday, September 11, 2004

For Poets Who Don't Know It

Check out the Rightists' Poet Laureate.

This is, of course, my brother. Waaaaay back when we were still legally kids (as opposed to now), one of our favorite activities was dubbing silly dialogue for every Godzilla movie known to mankind. We watched 'em all. We had a wonderful range of voice characterizations that were every bit as good (or better!) than the ones used by the Japanese.

In a tip of the hat to Darwinism, see the ways we each have evolved. Cam becomes a Shakespeare wannabe, and I pretend to be a cross between George Will and Dave Barry. I guess evolution of lower species is still a viable option, eh, Cam?

Anyway, I highly recommend Cam's poetry. His more serious attempts are worthy of publication, and I suppose I should start egging him on to submit. His satirical stuff is worthy of a classier version of MST3K. Without pictures.

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