Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain-Palin 2008

A lot of buzz surrounding McCain's announcement of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate yesterday. I've been holding back on this appointment for two very simple reasons:

1. I know next to nothing about her.

2. I wanted to see what kind of reaction overall she gets, and just how hard the MSM intends to attack her.

Conclusion: I'm in.

This very well may mollify enough of us cold-hearted right-wingers to vote for McCain, and he could just pull this thing off in November. Palin, based on her CNBC interview a few days before she got the nod, has the goods. In fact, if this interview helped McCain make his decision, he may be smarter than I've been giving him credit for. Her energy smarts alone will be a huge boon to this ticket.

Is she relatively inexperienced? Depends, I guess, on how one defines "experience." Has she been a product of a generally corrupt Chicago political machine? No. Can't make that claim. Has she been mentored by radical leftist activists and politicians over the last twenty or so years? Not that, either. She was, however, mayor of a town for several years, and has actually run a state for the last two years. That alone gives her a level of practical "executive" experience that Obama has never had (and, heaven willing, never will).

And here we must bring up the attacks that the liberals are already unleashing. First, from the de facto liberal press comes a report of sexist slander of the type that conservatives are generally guilty of by association. No idea if this actually happened as there's no feed that I can find with this incident on it. However, leftists are already looking for scandalous material with which to smear Gov. Palin, so I'm certain we haven't heard the last of that.

The Obama campaign quickly jumped in with its usual mixed messages. It's telling that their initial gut-level reaction is to try and dismiss Gov. Palin as a political nobody whose only claim to fame is running a puny state for a mere couple of years. Then they took a couple of cleansing deep breaths, apparently, and crafted a far more politically correct response to feed the news outlets, who of course lapped it up like cats with a bowl of cream.

So the Obama attack machine is now in high gear. Flopping Aces is tracking down the facts in the case of an Alaskan state trooper who is apparently quite deranged, and Palin's handling of the situation. Truth to tell, after wading through these stories I kinda wish we'd had Palin down here in Orange County helping to deal with former Sheriff Mike "Kingfish" Carona and his corruption scandal. Might have saved some time and headache.

In politics, apparently, the harder they attack you, the more worried they must be. Looks like the Dems are plenty worried. McCain must have chosen well.

At least I hope he has.

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