Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Fun Election! Finally!

If you have any sympathy at all for McCain's selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, you have to admit that this team has made the election fun this year!

In my previous post, I wondered just what, exactly, the overall reaction to Palin would be. What has happened has in fact gone beyond my wildest dreams. The Obama Idiocrats are falling over themselves to dismiss Palin as anything but a viable candidate for the Number Two spot on the Republican ticket.

Some of the "accusations" rendered thus far:

• Palin was not the mother of baby Trig, who was born with Down's Syndrome. Daughter Bristol was the alleged mother and "Grandma" Sarah is taking the heat.
Status: Not true. Plenty of photographic support for a very pregnant Gov. Palin just prior to Trig's birth. That's her baby.

• Evangelical Christian candidate for vice president has a daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock. How can she possibly expect other evangelicals to support her?
Status: Check your scandal-meters, folks. Will there be those who won't support Palin because of this issue? Probably. Will their lack of support make much of a difference? I doubt it. This is, first, foremost, and forever a family issue. Their family. Not mine or anyone else's. They are handling it. The fact that they are handling it in a way with which I happen to sympathize just cements my own support for the Governor.

• Sarah Palin is "good looking."
Status: While not so much an "accusation," the fact that it comes from Joe Biden and appears to be the only redeeming quality he can find in her makes it significant. Plagiarized any speeches lately, Joe?

• Palin's "Trooper-gate" Problem.
Status: Well and fully fisked. Another non-issue.

• Yeah, but didn't Palin just hire a private lawyer to help with the "Trooper-gate" problem?
Status: Oh, please. With Democrats and the liberal press dogging your every step, wouldn't you get a lawyer? We've already established that the woman is no idiot.

This is one case where the harder they push, the more tightly we will tend to circle the wagons. None of these allegations has been particularly disturbing on their surface. Even less so as we dig deeper into them. A pregnant daughter? Well, so what? Doesn't that say more about the liberal policies foisted upon us by hippies and others over the preceeding decades? The very fact that Bristol has a) chosen to keep the baby and b) decided to marry the father speak volumes about how she was raised. Not for me to judge the situation, but I surely can (and do) support them.

Apparently the hard-core feminists of the country are all a-dither over Palin. Consider her a "sell out" it seems. This would be because, although a highly successful career woman, she also chooses to be as much of a "traditional" wife and mother as she can. And she succeeds at both. This is anathemic to the ERA-spawned Steinems of the nation who still don't (and never will) get it. A woman's noblest calling is that of mother, and those who succeed (even aspiring to, as Palin does) are beyond the pale of their collective understanding.

Obama himself seeks to diminish the accomplishments of the Alaskan Governor. Seems to have forgotten (or perhaps is jealous of) the fact that she is, in fact, a governor. Something he himself has never been. Rather than compare his "massive" campaign credentials to her itty-bitty mayoral post, why not compare them instead to her creds as a governor over-seeing a $13 billion annual budget for a state that directly abuts Russia? Because he comes off as much less impressive if he does so. Do us all a favor, Barack; keep ignoring her accomplishments as governor. We'll fill in the blanks for you.

Thus the histrionics of the Democratic party continue, and their designated target is a woman who could probably arm-wrestle any one of them into eternal shame. And thanks to the internet and new media, we have a front-row seat for the Greatest Show on Earth. Palin has so far acquitted herself nicely in the center ring of the national arena. Can we vote for someone like that?

Why, yes. Yes, we can.

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