Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Even Go There, McCain

This report from FoxNews.com is telling in many respects. It informs us that McCain — allegedly, anyway — has given up on his foolish notion of choosing a pro-choice running mate. Specifically Tom Ridge. Many of us cold-hearted conservatives are somewhat less than convinced. In fact, should McCain nominate anyone other than Romney or (I guess I could swallow hard and accept this) Pawlenty, he's going to have a major revolt on his hands. Mutiny is not out of the question, even at this late stage. Write-in votes are still my hip-pocket position, and I will resort thither if McCain keeps mavericking his way out of conservative graces.

Among the quotes in this otherwise unremarkable report is found this nugget:
“At the end of the day, I think the Republican Party will be comfortable with whatever decision John makes,” Ridge said.
This tells you everything you need to know about the modern Republican party. We are ultimately seen by party leaders as nothing more than dumb sheep in three-piece suits who will buck up and support whomever the current standard-bearer tells us to support.

Drawing from my boundless capacity for understatement, may I just say, "not so fast, cowboy."

At the risk of Hugh Hewitt actually taking notice of this blog (there's always a .0032985% probability) and getting my virtual wrist slapped, I am willing to take the GOP to task over this and many other issues. For a deplorably long time now we have found our voices being discounted, scoffed at, or even extinguished over our insistence at holding to our core principles. If this is the direction of the GOP, I need a new party. (Democrats need not apply: I still have my principles.)

McCain has exactly one chance to get this right. If he hems and haws his way to defeat in November we'll never have to deal with him again in a presidential election. At age 76 four years from now, he will be unelectable. If by some miracle he survives this November, we have to be ready to throw him under the bus in four years if he shows no signs of repenting for his very un-GOP-like positions.

For now, I hope the old guard of the GOP are reading the tea leaves. The conventions are upon us, and the battle royal will be enjoined. If McCain refuses to rally his troops, he'll have no one to blame but himself.

By the way, John, expecting (as Ridge does) that Republican voters will be "comfortable" with whomever you select (or whatever position you take) does NOT, for the record, equal "rallying the troops."

Lest there be any question.

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