Tuesday, January 18, 2005

#141 - Meme? What Meme?

Just a quick scan of Drudge tonight to see if there's anything fisk-worthy out there. Lessee now... hmm... D.C. is in "lockdown" mode for the inauguration tomorrow... wow, they've even got missile launchers deployed. Must be serious about this... Ok, Boxer insults Rice. Big Whoopin' Surprise there... Singer curses at youth inaugural concert. Look for an "I toldja so" from Malkin... Brits have their own hands full with Abu Ghraib abuses. Heh, join the club, fellas... Another UN alarmist predicts death and destruction for major cities. Big deal. Bible's been doing that for centuries, but will we listen? Noooo... Another Big Chill in Woebegon Land. More fodder for Moonbat Keillor, I suppo... Wait! What's this??


Not a scandal at KRISPY KREME!!??

It can't be, it just can't! Better check the link. Maybe Drudge is jumping the gun on this one... he's done that before...

Federal investigation... CEO with the intelligence of cottage cheese... accounting irregularities... stock plunges...

Oh, great. Now what'll I do on Breakfast Club days? Krispy Kremes are the only things I actually look forward to on Wednesdays! Danged low-carb diets, anyway.

Oh, wait. That makes it at least partly my fault. I'm guilty by association. Great.


Better hang up my bloggin' spurs. There ain't no joy no more.

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