Saturday, January 08, 2005

#136 - The Woundup Evolves... Again

You may notice that I have new addition to my blogroll. In view of previous posts defining the direction I wanted to take, I decided that rather than give the Woundup a face lift, I needed to start a new blog. I call it "The Inner Dad," and it will be my forum for describing my journey through Dadhood.

I may have mentioned before (or possibly not... hard to remember what I've told to whom!) that I wrote a book a couple of years ago. Oh, it's never been published. I'm too chicken to go through the traumatic experience of finding an agent and publisher that might be interested in the topic. Some day, perhaps. But it has given me that sense of accomplishment for having written an actual book all the same.

The original title of the book was "The Dad Within," but I have since decided to call it "The Inner Dad." I have always felt that there was a community out there of men like myself, trying to get through life with a decent career, a family, and kids that weren't trying to out-attitude each other. The book actually addresses those who are contemplating becoming a dad at some point in their lives.

The new blog is my mirror to that book, and will host my various essays on Dadhood, its challenges, its rewards, and the general hilarity that typically ensues.

So, what about the Woundup? Well, in shifting paradigms I felt like there were folks who had added me to their rolls who expected me to continue with my rants about socio-political hotspots of the day. The Woundup will continue, then, to live up to its original charter, while The Inner Dad will be my kinder, gentler offering.

I think of it not so much as schizophrenia as multi-tasking. Any mom will snort and say it ain't possible.

I'd like to think it is.

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