Tuesday, January 04, 2005

#133 - Technique Is as Technique Does

Cam apologizes for his writing technique, or lack thereof.

No need.

Blogs are mere reflections of the mood(s) of the blogger. Cam is one that tends to write like he talks (to a degree... I rarely hear him use the actual word "furshlugginer" in real conversation).

I can and sometimes do write that way, but I actually find it more of a chore to write conversationally. When I write these essays, I feel more at home writing the way I've learned over time in various writing classes. Like my mother before me, I think better at a keyboard. At least, I feel like I do, and that counts.

Of course, Cam understates his ability by quite a bit. When the Muse is upon him, he can orate with the best of them. Which is, in my estimation, what will ultimately make him a terrific instructor. He has a passion for the form that even I don't possess, and for which I confess occasional jealousy. Particularly his poetry... I will be sorely disappointed if I don't see some Cam-inspired couplets from future students become standard fare on the 'Net.

If there is coarseness in some of his missives, they're really just windows into his personality. This is my brother, after all. The middle child. The seemingly fearless, happy-go-lucky child. The one who can still, at any given family get-together, crack us up with a single well-placed zinger.

Go get 'em, Tiger.

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