Saturday, January 01, 2005

#131 - Happy 2005!

It's not exactly live-blogging, but here in the Woody household we just celebrated a first: the first ever stay-up-all-the-way-past-midnight New Year's Eve celebration for our two youngest Woody-ettes.

Even at this moment, Mrs. Woody has them perched on either arm of her big, comfy recliner, and is singing them to sleep. Moments before, however, they were two small wild women; standing on our front porch, banging on pot lids and blowing tiny horns I picked up in Nawlins at the convention. I have it all on video tape in case the local gendarmes wish to question us. At least I can honestly say we weren't the ones setting off the illegal fireworks tonight. And while I never heard any gunfire, I did hear a few pops shortly before, during, and a little after the ball dropped on our front porch. Can't blame those on us, either.

A toast to the new year with sparkling apple/cranberry cider, followed by a special family prayer for the coming year. Much to look forward with anticipation. Probably a few unexpected challenges along the way, too.

Either way, this branch of the Woody family tree is as ready as we'll ever be. May this coming year be fraught with opportunity for you, too.

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