Friday, March 14, 2008

Politics. Money. Why I Refuse.

I have never given money to a political cause. I may be a middle-aged skin-flint of a curmudgeon, but I have my reasons. In the case of the RNC, it's largely a long-held belief of mine that they have never used the money they get for anything useful.

Call me the ultimate PAC skeptic.

I patently refuse to buy into any — repeat: ANY — political advertising. It's all a load of hogwash, and carefully crafted to incite whatever emotional response the Committee hopes will attract money and/or votes.

I have never seen anything approaching a cohesive campaign organization. Every candidate has a machine, but they are filled with every type of analyst and strategist possible, none of whom have ANY clue what I the Voter desire from my candidate. Whatever you're paying them, candidates, it's too much.

My reflexes are now honed to automatically throw any snail mail from any elected official, candidate, or PAC directly into the shredder.

I reserve the right to complain bitterly about the fact that politicians never communicate with me.

No, I have never sent any money to any political cause, and now you know why.

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