Thursday, January 05, 2006


Greetings, friends.

Oh, sure, I may have ditched my old blog after my post-40 Year Old Virgin epiphany (you Way Off Bass readers know what I'm talkin' about), but that doesn't mean I've lost the itch to screed.

See, I've decided to embrace the fact that underneath my pleasant exterior I am an angry, angry person. Not all the time, mind you, but after I watch a bad movie, or listen to a wretched CD I'm just spittin' mad.

Thus, I've decided to elbow my way into Woodys Woundup and take the position of Cranky Cultural Reviewer.

Look for my first couple of posts tomorrow.

This is Your Cranky Reviewer, signing off.

Woody appends: Buwahahahahaha! I warned you he was coming! Now it's too late! Your souls are forfeit! Aaaaahahahahaheeheeheee! *snort* *cough* Sorry. Getting too old for this sort of thing...

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