Thursday, January 26, 2006

CCWBASS exercises self-control! (not a review)

Can I blog about this here? I mean, this site is essentially political, and this little post isn't political at all, but I have to share this, and, besides, it's a pretty short post.

So, I walk into the 7-11 today to buy [a particular beverage in a 2-litre quantity] and I hear the following heavily-eastern-accented conversation between the clerk and a customer as I head for cooler:

[clerk] " . . . what? Four?"

[customer] "[unintelligible]"

[clerk] "Hold up your fingers. How many? Speak English!"

[customer] "[unintelligible]"

[clerk] "Learn to speak English!"

[customer] [angrily unintelligible]"

[clerk] "[drops an Indian-accented F-Bomb]-you!"

[customer] "No! [F-Bomb]-YOU!"

By this time I was in line watching these two swear at each other and make various gestures and mock each others' ability to speak English, and the entire time I was thinking about that character in the movie 40 Year Old Virgin - you know, the old guy Andy works with who has possibly the dirtiest lines in a movie replete with dirty lines - and I'm thinking "If I start laughing, will I end up having to hit one of these guys in the head with my 2-litre bottle if he comes at me?"

So I didn't laugh.

But, man, it wasn't easy, cause it was like hearing The Simpson's Apu and his brother repeat dialogue from an Quentin Tarrantino movie.

Really, it was great.

Um, to give this a political spin, I guess we can say that English is still the international language of commerce, so that's good news, right?

That's all I got. I told you this was a short post.

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