Saturday, June 26, 2004

Rockys and Barrys and Dippers - Oh My!

See this article posted on a web site for an organization calling themselves "One."

Actually, to see the reason for the title I used, you really need to see this article from WorldNetDaily, which quotes the London Times' religious affairs correspondent (a singularly appropriate title, in this case), and gives excerpts from the new "translation."

Perhaps most disturbing about this (or is it typical?) is the backing this re-write of the New Testament receives from no less than the Archbishop of Canterbury. Enthusiastic backing, I might add.

Some religions take a lot of heat over their intractibility regarding certain doctrinal questions. Especially those doctrines that run counter to what have become the socially accepted norms of the day. Here we see exactly why we need to remain "intractible," as it were. This is nothing less than a complete re-write of the very scriptures that make previously unacceptable behaviors acceptable. A very telling quote from the "Translation Co-ordinator" is:

Nothing has been deleted, only less homophobically translated.

Ah, of course. The downtrodden rainbows in the world have been given their scriptural voice. If you can't defend homosexuality in the scriptures (that same principle which brought about the downfall of Sodom and Gomorrah), hey, just change the scriptures!

The sales pitch is that this "translation" (be honest, guys... did you really revisit the Greek and Aramaic?) makes religion more accessible. Fine, but what good is religion if it is in fact so watered down as to make it worthless where human salvation is concerned?

All that aside, the most telling statement comes once again from the lead translator on this project:

There is nothing final about this translation. It is a rolling translation. It will be changed in future editions in response to constructive suggestions from those who find it helpful. It is not meant to replace any other translation, merely to provide a fresh and exciting alternative.

There you have it, folks! Designer scriptures! Don't like what you hear? No problem... just give us a holler and we'll make it all better for you.

Just don't expect a big welcome wagon when you finally meet St. Peter at the gates. Or should that be, St. Rocky...?

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Cameron said...

That the Archbishop is okay with it is no surprise. The Church of England stopped being an actual church several decades ago; today, disbelief is the norm, and liberal politics has replaced conservative doctrine. Basically, when it comes to religion, England suffers from the same disease that afflicts the rest of "Western" Europe, and the Judeo-Christian religion is dead.

Allahu Akhbar!

Oops. Sorry - started feeling all European for a second.