Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A Little Caffeine With My Lullaby...

Many of us grew up learning the little lullaby that begins "Now I lay me down to sleep..." No problem there: I've never had trouble falling asleep. No, my problem is waking up. No matter how much sleep I get (or, more typically, don't get) I just can't seem to rev the ol' motor in the morning.

For those of us with such tendencies, I've crafted a response to the lullaby. I intend to recite it every morning as a sort of mantra until I see no further reason for the last line:

Now I try myself to wake.
My teeth to brush. My hair to rake.

But were I smart, what lies ahead
would make me want to stay in bed.

Feel free to quote me.


Cameron said...

Welcome to the dark side! Or is it the dork side? Both, I think.

Woody said...

A pity none of us suffers from an inability to express ourselves! ;-)