Saturday, June 21, 2008

Okay, So Race is Off the Table

Fair is fair, Mr. Obama. You fear that Republicans will use race to attack you during the campaign. I can certainly understand where race would be a hugely distracting issue among such things as border security, global terrorism, global warming, and other such trivia. So let me set your mind at ease, sir:

I am perfectly happy with avoiding any and all reference to your ancestry.

However, since you seem to assume that I, as a Republican, would stoop to such tactics merely because my tan isn't anywhere near as great as yours, this smacks of being some sort of negotiation. And, of course, in any good negotiation there has to be some sort of consideration on both sides.

So here's the deal. I won't mention your race in this blog. However, I presume this to mean that all other aspects of your campaign are on the table. This includes your record, your inexperience, your previous statements on hot-key issues, your current statements on those same issues, your wife's statements that she makes on your behalf and which are truly part of the national debate whether you and she like it or not, and your continual efforts to smear all Republicans with one broad brush. This will include your statements on why you didn't feel that rule of law was sufficient qualification for a Supreme Court Justice, along with your previously stated intent to rely on public funding for your campaign which seems now to have become rather an inconvenient position for you. We also get to adjudicate your worthiness to hold office by studying the characters who make up a large part of your life experience; you know, pastors, advisors and such.

If you agree to these terms, Mr. Obama, then I welcome your desire to keep race out of this campaign. Good luck with that.

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