Thursday, March 29, 2007

Why We Homeschool - Reason #2


According to Little Sis, the PTA in her community in the Lone Brain Cell Star State have adopted Amway tactics for recruiting. All that's missing are Diamond Retreats for top recruiters.

My daughter was drafted (almost literally) into her PTA when her hubby was stationed at Travis AFB. She became president by default in their last year there, and I spent many an agonizing hour on the phone with her so she could detox after each meeting, event, or issue to be resolved with the parents, teachers, and principal. She swore never to get involved again.

Instead, my daughter now volunteers at her daughter's school as an aide. This way she can keep a weather eye on her own daughter even as she helps an attention-challenged child in the special ed classes. It's not much more fun than the PTA, but (as my daughter points out) it most definitely is not the PTA. She'll take it.

My sister, at least, has the courage of her convictions. Keep the faith, kiddo!

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