Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Detroit Public Schools - Financial Geniuses, or What?

At least it's nice to see they've got their spending priorities in order.

Here at world-famous Wonderwood Academy ("Where the Leaders of Tomorrow are Whupping Their Principal Academically Today") we have also purchased tons of art, most of which adorns our 17 cubic foot refrigerator. We're thinking of opening a museum on campus, right next to our Teachers Lounge which was constructed with money we saved by closing three of our auxiliary campuses last year. In the meantime, our students and their teacher continue to enjoy the luxuries of a school room designed to look exactly like an average family's dining room, except that the school room is also currently doubling as a storage room. Ditto the school cafeteria's kitchen.

Perhaps, next year, if Detroit has any further budget for art, we could sell them some of ours. I could sure use a piece of that $1.6 million!

(H/T: Joanne Jacobs)

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