Saturday, February 12, 2005

#148 - Weeping For Joy

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This has got to be the nicest thing the Democrats have ever done for the country. If ever a chairman of the DNC could torpedo his party's chances of running this country, Dean is that chair.

Dean appeals to that liberal fringe of the party that helped them lose so handily in the last election. The ones who were so dead-set against anything smacking of centrism that they spent the entire election insulting anyone who dared believe differently from themselves.

I neither know, nor do I care, what most Dems think of this development. Typically, in my world anyway, party chairs have little or no influence on my political thinking. Heck, I'm not altogether sure I could even name the RNC chair. All I know is that sometime in 2006, this is the idiot who will be choking my mailbox with pleas for my money. Money they neither need nor know what to do with. I will, of course, be dropping those letters directly into my interactive round file. The one with the shredder attached.

Dean will, of course, be doing the same for the Dems. He will light fires under those same Hollywood luminaries whom we as Republicans are publicly thanking today just in time for the Academy Awards. And in the meantime, we can all expect to be treated to the following platitudes, ad nauseum:

"We only have one way to go, and that's up," Georgia delegate Lonnie Platt said.

You'll need a loooong ladder.

"We are trying so hard to be like Republicans and we're not. I think Howard Dean says clearly that we are different," Cusack said. "We are the party of ordinary citizens and not the elite, we are everyday working folk."

Ordinary, non-elitist, everyday working left-wing liberals. Remember which Democrats the Deanites will be playing to.

At the end of the day, Dean can do nothing more than play the old shell game. It's all about perception, and if you can swing the perception in your favor, that's what you do. Fortunately for us on the right side of the spectrum, he's telegraphing his moves:

Dean told Democratic committee members Friday that it's important to learn to be more comfortable discussing the party's core values.

"The way I hope to deal with that problem, is not to abandon our core principles, but talk about them in a different way," he said.

Democrats are not pro-abortion, but "we are the party in favor of allowing women to make up their own minds about their health care," Dean, a physician, said.

Democrats are not for gay marriage, but "we are the party that has always believed in equal rights under the law for all people," he said.

"We are the party of moral values," Dean said. "There is nothing moral about cutting 300 million dollars that is used to feed starving children."

Neither is there anything moral about killing unborn babies for convenience, dissolving the institution of marriage, or talking about morals without having any.

Let the games begin.

P.S. Did I mention the relative morality of a party that fights harder for the protection of their pets than their unborn children? Didn't want to forget that...

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