Friday, February 11, 2005

#147 - Thus Spake the Poet

My brother is a serious poet. For all his chuff and bluster, his poetry does a better job of revealing his true nature than does his rapier wit. And that's saying something.

I hesitate to offer interpretations of efforts like this latest offering. First, it's difficult to know exactly what was in the author's head when he wrote it. I may (and have in the past) miss the point completely. Also, even if I'm right, interpreting such work somehow diminishes its impact. It's a little like watching a movie for the first time, only to have some idiot behind you tell you not only what's coming, but why the director chose to portray it a certain way.

So, with as little interpretation as possible, I encourage you to read this indictment of modern-day Holland. From noble past to reprehensible present, it's a neat encapsulation of what I consider to be the Dutch Deformation.

Well done, Bro.

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