Tuesday, December 07, 2004

On the First Day of Christmas...

...my true love made a list.

This list will save our sanity, if it doesn't kill us first.

Mrs. Woody loves lists. She makes lists for just about every occasion, including (or especially) our vacations. On those occasions when the list is absent, we invariably forget something. Take, for example, last weekend. I mentioned previously that my daughter had her fifth birthday last week. I also mentioned that our kids get to celebrate birthdays multiple times since we always have our own little private celebration, then head off to visit extended family for at least one more celebration. Two cakes, two sets of presents. You get the idea.

The trip was planned as an overnighter. On Friday we'd celebrate our niece's birthday, then celebrate our daughter's birthday the next day. Then off to the other Grandma's house for a brief visit (with computer doctoring) and singing in her concert Saturday night. No big deal.

Except... we forgot the presents. That's right. A trip to celebrate two birthdays and we forgot the presents. Can you imagine if I pull that stunt on Christmas? (Um, note to Mrs. Woody: Add to list!)

Anyway, Mrs. Woody didn't make her list, and I forgot to grab the presents. There were other things, of course, but how can you forget presents when travelling, what, umpteen kazillion miles to visit family for the express purpose of celebrating not one, but two birthdays?!

So, based on that fiasco, Mrs. Woody made a Christmas Readiness Checklist (CRC). Then she fainted. Or, at least, she would have if doing so wouldn't have caused a concussion from hitting her head on the corner of the computer desk.

As I looked at the list, I realized that, based on her schedule, we were already behind schedule to a list she had just made. No wonder she was stressed! Since a goodly portion of those things listed "Daddy" as the responsible party, I began to feel a tad stressful myself. So, last night, whilst enjoying our perennial favorite "White Christmas" video, I put up the tree. Complete with lights.

The list really isn't as bad as it may sound. Looking ahead, I figure I can make up some ground on Friday. The only things on the list are returning library books, and cooking dinner for the missionaries. Gotta cook anyway, and returning books is a no-brainer. Mrs. Woody has to do a school project with the girls, but she'd probably have to do one of those anyway, too. Saturday's only list item is our Ward Christmas Party that evening, so I see wiggle room and a chance to catch up.

Then we'd better not fall any further behind.

The list wouldn't like that.

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