Monday, August 23, 2004

Tornado in Lost Angeles?

* sigh *

If only... [Courtesy Drudge]

Such an event might make someone redesign the STINKIN' FEDERAL HIGHWAY SYSTEM through this town.

Then again, if they employed the same idiots that designed it the last time... Or, for that matter, the same idiots who run traffic planning in Anaheim...

Pipe dream, Woody. Pipe dream.

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Anonymous said...

This will make me sound like some sort of Disney-freak Socialist, I'm sure, but I've fervently wished for several years now that Disney would be given the job of redesigning the freeways all through the greater L.A. area. Who cares if they all lead straight into the Disneyland parking lot!

Oh, that sweet, sweet stretch of the 5 right around Disneyland.....

[sighs deeply in fond rememberance of wide open lanes and traffic-easing design of her beloved Orange County days]

Baby Sis