Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy (?) New Year!

New look? Of course it's a new look! I get restless every so often, and need to move furniture around, paint the walls, get new carpet... that sort of thing. Naturally this is strictly a virtual exercise for ol' Woody. I've reached that point in life where I much prefer to think about doing such things, and less time actually doing them.

The cretin header has got to go, though. It's a nice design, really, from some Brazilian personage, so far as I can tell. So I had to rename sections into some semblance of English. But the hideous green object at the top of the page is driving me nuts. I am, however, an artistically lazy son of a gun, and I tossed the challenge over to Mrs. Woody. In her youth she had studied graphic design, so I told her what I'm looking for, and she accepted. Please note: hideous green leaf or slice of some exotic fruit: NOT Mrs. Woody. Much classier re-do of the Woody's Woundup header: Mrs. Woody's work. When it becomes available.

This also serves as my official "Happy New Year!" post. Except that I'm not certain just how happy I should wish everyone. Most people seem to be suffering from either economic disaster or post-election depression. The smarmy ones who suffer from neither must be hunted down and made to be as miserable as real humans, I think. With a new Democratic administration coming into power this month, it keeps with Obama's "level playing field" tendencies. No wealth to spread around, though, so we'll just make everyone gloomy and depressed instead.

What's that? You say an "economic stimulus" will be a top Obama priority? That's nice. But I have yet to hear one acceptable explanation as to why making it easier for people who got us into the sub-prime loan debacle by defaulting on their high-risk loans to get newer, higher risk loans is somehow considered a "stimulus?" Wouldn't that seem like simply giving them the keys to "Sub-Prime Debacle 2.0?"

Time will tell. Obama has been doing the body-building thing in Hawaii and seems to be somewhat reluctant to reveal his cards this soon before inauguration day. Just a few months ago he couldn't restrain himself from telling us, in changing and hopeful tones, just how he was planning to keep the economy from tanking. Couldn't shut the guy up, in fact. All of a sudden he gets wise to the "silence is golden" philosophy? I question the timing.

In the meantime, enjoy the new Woundup. I'll still be moving furniture around, dusting some of the higher shelves, and perhaps even moving in some new stuff over the next few days.

Happy (or at least Tolerable) New Year!

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woodnotes02 said...

I hope you'll put your picture back. I like it, and that Cloraseptic tongue thing has got to go. I rely on Mrs. Woody's talent to make things right.