Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Relief

Glenn Reynolds, the omnipresent InstaPundit, calls for a "blogburst" tomorrow in support of Katrina relief efforts. The idea is to encourage donations to your favorite charity that will pledge support to the relief efforts being spearheaded by the American Red Cross.

True to that call, I strongly urge LDS faithful everywhere to perhaps put a bit extra in your fast offerings this week. The timing would be perfect. The Church has already put out a bulletin to the effect that its numerous resources both at the local level as well as from Salt Lake are being made available to the victims of this storm.

I was in New Orleans last year. It's a beautiful city with an old world flair that has rightly become a cultural icon for our country. Mrs. Woody and I have friends who live in the south. It would indeed be a shame if we didn't find a way to provide just as much support to this disaster as was done for the tsunami last January.

Time enough to evaluate, analyze, and criticize later. For now, let's get these people some assistance.

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