Monday, July 04, 2005

#171 - Ye Gods

I feel a screed coming on...

Joanne Jacobs links to a report out of Victorville, California regarding a community college student who was penalized for daring to write an English paper using the "G" word. Joanne's first thought was that the gal had simply submitted a badly written paper. Then, when the school didn't seem to deny the allegation, she understood that this school was serious: No mention of what they termed "one true God argumentation," or the paper would fail.

The basic argument was that mention of God might (you know this is coming!) "offend others in the class."


This is just the latest attack against religion in general (and Christianity is particular) by the academic community, and it's got to stop.

Or, to keep things fair, they should also make it a punishable offense to mention Allah, Buddha, Ishtar, or Quetzalcoatl. And, while we're at it, they need to ban Morrigan, Guan-Yin, Zeus, and Wotan (or, if you prefer, Odin). Let's not forget Tiki, Altjira, Apocatequil, or Ixchel while we're at it. Neither should we allow mention of whatever nature object the pagans are worshiping these days.

I am absolutely certain that the mere mention of God offends certain clueless individuals. This has been foretold by prophets throughout time: Many of them saw the day when the very mention of God would cause men to be offended or embarrassed. Still...

Isn't the real problem here that people choose to become offended at the drop of the proverbial hat? Think about it: Can it really be that the same people who find nothing at all offensive about anything they show on MTV become so upset at the mention of God that they need the ACLU to chase Him out of public sight? I get so offended by Hollywood Blvd that I simply refuse to travel it, day or night. I don't see the ACLU doing anything to help me eliminate even the mere mention of, say, Larry Flynt, do you?

I'm sorry, but those who get offended at the mention of God need to get a grip. They also probably need to relax with the idea that we speak English in this country, that we respect the flag, and that we see absolutely no reason why Howard Dean should not receive the death penalty.


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